2017 National Planning Conference Recap

USSC participated in the national American Planning Conference in New York City, May 6-9, 2017, interacting with over 6,500 planners from across the country and distributing new research and standards funded by the USSC Foundation.

USSC presented a seminar at the conference on Sign Lighting, titled “A Guide to National Sign Illumination Standards”. It’s the first ever presented by the industry.  Bringing together the (7) research projects already performed by the USSC Foundation on Sign Lighting covering both static sign lighting and EMC lighting.  The goals:

  • Unlock the mysteries of sign lighting and sign lighting terms and standards for the planning community.
  • Discuss how sign lighting standards can be crafted after the Reed v GilbertUS Supreme Court decision.

There can be little debate about the USSC lighting standards and the research.  However, there is widespread misunderstanding about lighting terms and sign lighting in general, particularly in Codes. And anxiety on the part of some planners about electronic signs / EMCs.

If planners, sign companies and local towns can all agree on sign lighting terminology and standards, everyone’s professional life will be easier.

The Seminar was based on the new release USSC BEST PRACTICES STANDARDS in On-Premise Sign Lighting.

USSC also introduced a new publication on the Reed v Gilbert US Supreme Court case from 2015, which contains a vigorous analysis of Reed and the post-Reed lower court decisions since.

The USSC Guideline standards for On-premise signs is a part of the APA’s publication, Street Graphics and the Law. A valuable tool whenever a sign company needs to request a variance or zoning adjustment.

Please contact the USSC for more information.

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