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Since its founding in 1972, originally as the Eastern States Sign Council, the United States Sign Council has been dedicated to providing an educational resource for the sign industry, and is now the largest association of independent sign shops in the world.

Governed by a Board of Directors representative of the sign industry, the United States Sign Council maintains its permanent executive offices in Bristol, Pennsylvania and is classified as a not for profit organization under section 501(c)(6) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code.

Membership in the United States Sign Council is open to any person or firm concerned with the advancement of the sign industry, particularly as such advancement impacts professional growth, positive public perception, and ongoing educational and training programs.

In fulfilling its educational mandate, USSC conducts seminars and training workshops through its program of continuing education seminars, trade shows, and exhibits of new sign technology, publishes technical and professional manuals, and provides members and non-members alike with current information concerning industry trends, products and practices.

Additionally, because the sign industry is subject to governmental land-use regulation, USSC is an active participant in issues involving sign legislation, zoning, and land-use planning.

For additional information about the full resources of USSC and how it can assist you, call 215.785.1922, or email us at [email protected]