What You Should Know About Navigating Municipality Sign Codes

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What keeps sign shop owners awake at night? Near the top of the list is the arduous task of navigating complex municipality sign codes. It can be a major obstacle to getting effective signs for their customers. Codes are often poorly written or do not address the realities of proper on-premise signage. The Model Code developed [...]

USSC Merges with USSC Foundation

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The Board of Directors of the United States Sign Council (USSC) voted unanimously to merge the USSC and all of its assets into the USSC Foundation. Starting January 1, 2018, the USSC will cease operations, and the USSC Foundation will assume all functions and activities associated with the past organization. The USSC Foundation has been the [...]

Announcing the 2017 USSC Sign Design Contest Winners

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The United States Sign Council (USSC) is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s USSC Sign Design Contest. These honorees were judged the best of the best when it comes to the top-notch creative signs that are being designed and fabricated by sign makers today. The USSC Sign Design Contest is an annual event that [...]

Enter the 2017 Vehicle Wrap Contest

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The United States Sign Council (USSC) is accepting entries for the second annual Vehicle Wrap Contest, held at Sign World International 2017.  Vehicle wrap advertising, commercial fleet graphics and other graphics markets are in growth mode.  The goal of the competition is to provide a showcase for this highly respected art form. Judging is based on [...]

OSHA 10 Certification Course at Sign World International

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Ensure you are in full compliance with OSHA’s latest rules, regulations and updates. Protect your company from costly fines, penalties and legal action due to OSHA non-compliance issues. This is a 10 hour classroom course conducted in accordance with OSHA Outreach curriculum and requirements.  It covers the following topics: Introduction to OSHA, Managing Safety and Health, [...]

Confirmed Date – Crane Operator Certification

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OSHA has officially confirmed a one-year delay to the crane operator certification requirement. The new deadline for all crane operators to be certified is November 2018. The USSC board of directors has been following this development and announced previously that “There is a chance that the November 2017 OSHA crane operator certification requirement deadline will be delayed [...]

Sign World Registration Is Open

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Sign World International attracts over 3,000 sign companies and installers, graphic designers, large format digital print buyers, digital display buyers and LED sign & display buyers. Our attendees come from across the US and Internationally from countries that include Canada, Morocco, Guam, Germany, U.S. Virgin Islands, Philippines, England, Italy, Spain, Russia, South Africa, Ghana, Brazil and [...]

UPDATE: Crane Operator Certification

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There is a chance that the November 2017 OSHA crane operator certification requirement deadline will be delayed for one year. Last month, an OSHA advisory panel held a public hearing. They voted to recommend that OSHA extend the compliance deadline to November, 2018. The stated reason for the deadline extension is as follows: “…to allow adequate [...]

USSC & NBM Announce Strategic Partnership

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The United States Sign Council (USSC) has announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with National Business Media (NBM). The goal of the partnership is to provide sign companies and industry professionals with access to Research Data, Product Information, Technology Updates and Regulatory Compliance Standards. Such technological research and educational research is essential to [...]

UPDATE: Important Date for Crane Owners

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Why is November 9, 2017 an important date for crane owners? This is the effective date for crane operators, to be certified to operate a crane or derrick with a rated capacity over 2000lbs. PLEASE NOTE: there may be a potential one-year delay to the OSHA crane operator certification November 2017 deadline. Last month, an OSHA advisory [...]