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How to Join USSC

The United States Sign Council is comprised of sign people and those servicing and selling to the sign industry throughout the United States, and is dedicated to serve the interests of the sign industry through programs of professional education, on-going empirical research, and continuing member service. If you are in the sign industry, or provide products or services to the sign industry, USSC is for you!

When you become a member of the United States Sign Council, you will join with thousands of other sign industry professionals as part of the largest organization of independent sign builders and sign product producers in the world. Just click at the bottom of the page for an on-line membership application and begin now to take full advantage of the many benefits that membership in a dynamic professional organization can provide!


  • A network with thousands of other sign people in the most dynamic sign organization in the world - run by sign people for sign people!
  • A fully experienced executive office that understands your problems and concerns and is ready to provide help, information, and guidance whenever needed.
  • Special low cost member only admissions and discounts at all USSC educational conferences and trade shows.
  • Signpower USA - The USSC quarterly newsletter full of practical tips, advice, and the latest in industry standards and procedures.
  • Professionally designed sales literature and promotional aids for your business.
  • Technical and marketing bulletins to keep you abreast of the latest trends and requirements.
  • Research volumes and charts providing full insight into sign detection, legibility, and traffic safety issues.
  • Inclusion in the annual USSC Member Directory and on the USSC website to help you obtain new business and supply sources.
  • A legislative task force ready and able to help with legal, zoning, and ordinance issues, including the provision of the USSC Guideline Sign Code for Municipalities.
  • Member display certificates, member logos, member truck and window decals.
  • Special member discounts on various services such as overnight and over-the-road shipping, credit card processing, debt collection, computer products, and office supplies and equipment.
  • A scholarship program for qualified students affiliated with member firms.

Membership Categories & Annual Dues Schedule

Sign Company or Installer
(10 or less employees)


Sign Supply Distributor

+ $50/branch

Sign Company or Installer
(over 10 employees)


Sign Trade Shop


Sign User


Product Manufacturer
Annual gross sales under 2 million dollars


Manufacturer's Representative


Product Manufacturer
Annual gross sales over 2 million dollars


Support Service Firm/Consultant




UNITED STATES SIGN COUNCIL · 211 RADCLIFFE STREET · BRISTOL, PA 19007 · Phone: 215.785.1922 · Fax: 215.788.8395 · EMAIL US