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Daymond John

Daymond John’s Key Accomplishments Include…

From humble beginnings to self-made multimillionare worth over $4 billion to date in global product sales and a starring role on ABC’s newest business reality TV show, Shark Tank, Daymond John is the personification of the American Dream. He continues to set standards of excellence while expanding his interests in fashion, branding, marketing, consulting, entertainment, and beyond. This industry leader, best-selling author, and ground breaking entrepreneurial expert has evolved into a highly sought after business and motivational speaker.

As a dynamic business person with over twenty years of hands-on proven business experience, Daymond shares the strategies that continue to bring him financial success. As Founder and CEO, Daymond steered FUBU from a mere concept to a global fashion powerhouse with annual retail sales exceeding $350 million at its peak. utilizing many of the same tactics commonly used today, Daymond John pioneered the art of integrating fashion, culture and music nearly twenty years ago. From his then unprecedented guerilla marketing and branding techniques to the continuously innovative ways in which he uses social media, brand integration and his expertise on pop culture, Daymond remains a cutting edge business strategist.

Daymond teaches audience members how to apply his successful methods to a wide range of businesses today. He shares winning tips for negotiating for women, boosting sales, improving employee morale, increasing productivity, and optimizing staff talents. Daymond’s pragmatic advice resonates with everyone from students and entry-level employees to small business owners and corporate CEOs. Each will walk away with invaluable tools to incorporate into their professional endeavors.

As a motivational speaker, Daymond’s quintessential rags-to-riches success story of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance as well as the unique and charismatic way he communicates it, will inspire any audience. Much more than a business adviser, Daymond shares his unique goal setting and achieving strategies, which will empower audience members to make positive changes in every aspect of their lives for immediate and long-term success. “The Shark” Daymond John, will reveal how you too can live the American Dream.

Russ Abdrakhmanov
Technology is shaping our life and revolutionizing the way we do business. My great passion is to help businesses become more efficient, optimizing their use of technology, and providing tools that help their growth, stability, and technological confidence. Making people’s lives easier and putting a smile on their face by finding solutions and designing the right systems and processes are my biggest goals. A programmer and software engineer at heart, I have explored a wide variety of technical careers spanning from architecture, CAD, and construction, to mechanical, HVAC, and automotive passions, always seeking ways to improve businesses that I have been a part of by applying programming skills and design efficiency principles.

Lance Bachmann
Mr. Bachmann is the Founder and President of, a digital marketing agency that is a worldwide leader in its industry. Established in 2009, the company provides search engine optimization (SEO), pay per click, social media optimization and website design services for businesses around the world.

Jennifer Cooper
Jennifer Cooper is a third generation owner of Cooper Sign Company located in Niagara Falls, NY. Ms. Cooper is a member of the Niagara Military Affairs Council, the National Association of Women Business Owners and the Grace Baptist Church in Tonawanda, NY to name a few. She has been selected for numerous awards for leadership, business and community service.

Richard Crawford
Rick Crawford is a current USSC Board Member and a Past President. He is also a licensed attorney and works with the USSC office as Legislative Consultant. His expertise is available to USSC membership regarding zoning issues and information related to the USSC sign research studies. For the past 15 years he has been the lead individual working on research studies conducted by the United States Sign Council Foundation. Involved in the sign industry for over 35 years, Crawford is owner and president of Mercer Sign Consultants located in Doylestown, PA.

Skip Grant
Skip Grant is an internationally known wide format industry leader that has guided and motivated dealers, franchises, manufacturers and end-users from around the world. In the past 34 years, he has dedicated himself and his employees to helping thousands of companies implement digital printing & cutting capabilities in the sign, screenprint, label and digital printing industries. As an industry expert, business owner, consultant and motivational speaker- his energy, purpose and passion for what he does is evident in his authentic style of teaching and inspiring people about the incredible opportunities with digital print & cut technology.

Rob Ivers
Rob Ivers installed his first vinyl application on his mom’s car in 1978. From that moment on he has been in love with vinyl graphics. In 1993 he did his first vehicle wrap, when digital printing was invented. He is self-taught and admits to making plenty of mistakes along the way. Since those early days, Ivers has developed a training method that has him sought after throughout the country. He will be teaching that method for 3 days at Sign World International.

Matt Kaisner
Matt has helped hundreds of organizations develop a stronger learning culture. He specializes in working with sales leaders to assess sales skill gaps, map training content to meet organizational needs, and track progress to insure that training objectives are being met. His focus is on results – – working closely with his clients to be sure their investment in sales training delivers a positive ROI. Matt has a BS in Marketing and Management from Penn State University.

Richard Longo
Richard Longo is President of RAL Services specializing in all types of insurance to the sign industry. As a member of the USSC he regularly advises sign industry companies on liability, risk management and insurance issues. Longo has a Bachelor of Science Degree and Licenses in Life & Health, Property & Casualty, Murual Funds and Variable Annuities.

Dan Sawatzky
Dan Sawatzky is best described as a creative force in the sign industry. He and his wife, Janis, are owners of Sawatzky’s Imagination Corporation – a small family company that specializes in the design and creation of dimensional theme signs and environments. They tackle projects of any size from small signs to entire theme parks. Their work has garnered numerous international awards and Dan’s articles appear frequently in the sign trade publications. Dan and his crew also host Sign Magic Workshops in their studio a number of times each year with attendees coming from around the world.

Tracey Schaub
Tracey Schaub is a Digital Printing Systems consultant with a degree in Graphic Design from the University of Maryland at College Park. Tracey has been with TyrrellTech, Inc. for fifteen years and has served the company in roles as a designer, technician, salesperson, and manager. Tracey works with customers who purchase new software, printers, plotters and laminators advising them on how to properly prepare files for the different types of output. Tracey’s experience with these many different types of files and her background in design will bring the proper insight to both of her seminars.

Deacon Wardlow
Deacon Wardlow is a Special Ops Director of Spectacular Media – a dynamic digital signage cloudware control and content creation/management service for LED signs and interior Digital Signage solutions. He also works with Vantage LED for exterior and interior LED Display manufacturing. He has been a Chief Technology and Information Officer for an international sign company, a field technician for digital signage installations and service nationally, and has over 15 years of private consulting and trade publication writing experience specializing in new technologies, international trade, global branding, digital signage and business change management.

Randall Wright
Randy Wright is a 40+ year veteran of the electric sign industry and a Life Member of his area volunteer fire service, with an Advanced Certificate in Business Management from Penn State University. Wright represents the USSC as a sign industry voting member of the National Electric Code Panel 18. He also serves as the USSC representative and as a sign industry expert on all four sign related product categories for Underwriters Laboratories. In addition Wright is an expert consultant providing written materials, published articles and documents, fire investigation, expert testimony, seminar presentation, and education for sign companies, fire envestigators and electrical inspectors. Most importantly, he is USSC’s electrical consultant and is available to the membership for questions on all things related to safety and electrical.