USSC to Present Seminar on Sign Illumination at APA National Conference

The United States Sign Council (USSC) is pleased to announce that its seminar proposal titled “A Guide to National Sign Illumination Standards” has been accepted by the American Planning Association for presentation at the APA National Conference in New York City, May 2017.

This session will introduce national sign-illumination standards, based on research conducted at the Larson Transportation Institute at Pennsylvania State University. These standards are the first of their kind. The USSC will be publishing these National Sign Illumination guideline standards prior to the APA session in May, and will be distributing the standards to planners as a part of the seminar.

The Guideline Standards will be a comprehensive document covering a wide variety of sign lighting topics, including scientifically verifiable sign-illumination standards and how they impact both aesthetics and traffic safety, a legal framework for “time, place, and manner” sign-illumination regulation post-Reed vs. Town of Gilbert, as well as key factors that local communities should be aware of when implementing sign-illumination restrictions.

USSC will be coordinating the presentation, all based on USSC research. Speakers will include:

  • Philip Garvey, Senior Researcher, Penn State, State College PA
  • Professor Alan Weinstein, Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University, Cleveland OH
  • Dr. Donald Poland, AICP, Goman+York, Hartford CT
  • Richard Crawford, Esquire, United States Sign Council, Bristol PA
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