USSC & USSC Foundation announce release of new Penn State sign lighting study

Standard Luminance Levels of On-Premise Signs (2017)

A new Penn State University sign lighting study has been released and is now available. The United States Sign Council Foundation (USSCF) funded the new research to determine the standardized brightness or “lighting levels” for many different color combinations used in typical on-premise signs – cabinet style signs and channel letters.

The new study will allow the United States Sign Council (USSC) to educate sign company members on the brightness of their signs for permit applications, without the need to measure each sign, for every permit application. USSC is helping to establish Standardized Sign Brightness for most on-premise signs.

While the report is available for free download, actual test data will be provided as an exclusive USSC Member Service. Member sign companies can access the information by contacting the USSC at (215)785-1922.

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